“The Legend of Dragoon” by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

  • ©Kenichi Iwata  Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.



    The Legend of Dragoon


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


    A legend of a majestic tree. That’s the origin of all lives. This sequence, art of the PlayStation video game The Legend of Dragoon, shows how it germinated and grew once upon a time on some planet. Someone sealed its magical power and hid it, so nobody knows where it is or what it is today. But it’s a key for the future of all.
    Height of the tree: 2,500 meters. Growing speed: the speed of sound or faster. This could be possible only in computers. The vines automatically grow according to simple rules.The large tree was nurtured by giving it artistic parameters instead of water.


    Houdini Rendering, RenderMan, Flame Painting, Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Kenichi Iwata

    Producer: Shuji Hiramatsu

    CG Artists: Takahiro Fuji, Hideki Mizoguchi, Yoshiro Watanuki

    Digital Editor: Yasuharu Yoshizawa

    Digital Painting Artist: Kouji Miyata

    Assistant: Momoko Ikeda

    Sound Effect Artist: Takashi Kanai

Animation / Video Overview: