“Jitterbug” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Bruce Dowad






    Over the last three years, Digital Domain has created CG char-acters who exhibit great movement through dance and athlet-ics. The skeleton “character” in Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts” and the virtual Andre Agassi for NIKE are examples. For director Bruce Dowad and Edge Creative, Digital Domain con-tinued to build on its unique understanding of dance in the digi-tal realm with Jitterbug for Coca Cola. Beginning with per-formance capture sessions, under the supervision of Andre Bustanoby and animation supervisor Daniel Loeb, Digital Domain created a stylized spot reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance school of painting. The CG characters were then animated in Softimage using the “roto-capture” process devel-oped for Digital Domain’s Academy Award-winning work on Titanic. CG cloth simulation was featured throughout the spot, and was ground-breaking in both its extensive use and accurate simulation of various types and weights of material.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Bruce Dowad

    Producer: Edge Creative

    VFX Supervisor: Andy MacDonald

    Animation Supervisor: Daniel Loeb

    Performance Capture Supervisor: Andre Bustanoby

    Lead Animator: Bernd Angerer

    Lead Technical Director: Vernon Wilbert

    Digital Artists: Jon Aghassian, Mike Amron, Mark Brown, Spencer Cook, Leiff Einarsson, Robin Finn, Kseniya Hoppe, Keith Huggins, Kevin Jackson, Giancarlo Lari, Patrick Lowery, Howie Musika, Melanie Okamura, Brad Parker, Chris Roda, Randall Rosa, Atsuko Shindo, Toshi Shiozawa, Keith Smith, Gaku Tada, Keiji Yamaguchi

    Compositors: Jean-Luc Azzis, Rick Dunn, Peter Jopling, Scott Rader, Donovan Scott, Perri Wainwright

    Software Support: Tom Dilligan

    Texture Painter: Martha Mack, Lillian Jacobs, Renee Rabache, Tony Halawa, Tonia Young

    Producers: Patrick Davenport, Julian Levi

    Production Coordinators: Kelly L’Estrange, Allyse Manoff

    Production Assistant: Bob Oschack

    Motion Capture: Tom Tolles/House of Moves, Jarrod Phillips/House of Moves

Animation / Video Overview: