“The Jester” by Pacific Title / Mirage Studio

  • ©Paul Charette and Mark Sagar  Pacific Title / Mirage Studio


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    The Jester


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pacific Title / Mirage Studio


    This is your first encounter with your hostess of the synthetic world. She appears as a sexy jester, a symbol of joviality and fantasy. She reminds you that the virtual world caters to your spiritual and physical well-being. It is now your chance to decide which world you would like to enter…

    The Jester was created using Pacific Title / Mirage’s propri-etary LifeF/X system. Based on a finite element description of the face, LifeF/X captures, recreates, and manipulates subtle facial movement from a live performance. Maya was used to add and animate the hat, and Renderman to output the final images.


    Pacific Title / Mirage’s propri-etary LifeF/X system, Maya, Renderman

Additional Contributors:

    Co-Directors of LifeF/X Development: Paul Charette, Mark Sagar

    CG Artists: Dave Altenau, Cory Bedwell, Rudy Grossman, Rachel Kelley, Justine Sagar, Olivier Sarda, Kevin Smith, Brian Steiner, Andrew Tucker, Chris Waegner

    Digital Tracking: David Geiger, Brad Kalinoski, David Kalinoski, James Shephard, Tinatsu Wallace, Kieran Waegner

    LifeF/X Software Development: Shane Blackett, David Bullivant, Richard Christie, Peter Hunter, Poul Neilsen, Stuart Norris

    Editor: Greg DeCamp

    Music: Marc Crandall

    The Jester: Jessica Vallot

Animation / Video Overview: