“Jabberwocky” by Florida Center for Electronic Communication

  • ©Caleb Strauss


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  • Florida Center for Electronic Communication


    This is the director’s first serious venture into the field of computer animation. It interprets the famous Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky, from Through The Looking Glass.

    In designing the hero of the piece, a modified version of a knight in shining armor was used to convey the sense of light and trust that is so commonly associated with this chivalrous legacy. The knight stands alone in the piece as the only non-biological form in a mysterious, dark, organic world. Its apparent mechanization represents the current age of man’s mechanical endeavor and triumph over his primordial past.

    The bone-chilling tone of the narration, and the visuals, evoke a powerful, dark sense of mystery and fear. The underlying soundtrack was created by Jason Wallach (The Unquiet Void) to emphasize the dark, foreboding world in which the story takes place.


    SGI workstations, Windows NT Workstations


    Alias|Wavefront’s Maya 1.0 and Composer 5.0 were used to animate the visuals. Textures were manip-ulated in Adobe Photoshop 4.0

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Caleb Strauss

    Producer: Florida Center For Electronic Communication

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