“Lords of Sipan” by Independent Artist

  • ©Erwin Gomez Vinales  Independent Artist



    Lords of Sipan


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  • Independent Artist


    Lords of Sipán is an animated short film based on the stories narrated by drawings in clay vessels of the Mochica culture that inhabited the Moche valley in northern Peru between the first and eighth centuries.

    The story begins with an underground journey through the Moche paradise, where the skeletons enjoy their deserved eternity after so many sacrifices for their gods. It moves on to the valley, traveling through the majestic Huacas (pre-Columbian pyramids). Inside one of them, a great number of exhausted prisoners are violently sacrificed to obtain their blood (sacred liquid) that the moon priestess will carry in a golden chalice through the extensive corridors of the huaca to the throne where she will make offerings to the God of Darkness, who waits impatiently. Strong energy emerges from the depth of the chalice and brings to life Strombus (Moche dragon), a mythical and powerful creature that is liberated to establish the domain of darkness over the light in all the neighboring valleys.


    Five Pentium II network equipped workstations, Digisuite-based workstation


    Softimage 3.8, 3DStudio Max 2.5, Lightwave 5.6, Photoshop 4.01, AfterEffects 3.1, Protools

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Erwin Gómez Viñales

    Producers: Hugo Chinga, Margarita Cid

Animation / Video Overview: