“A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics” by Stone

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    A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics

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    In computer graphics, color technologies such as monitors, scanners, and printers are fundamental. Physical and symbolic models for representing color, algorithms for rendering colored objects and images, and tools for design and selection of color are all part of computer graphics. Rather than teach a single area in depth, this tutorial surveyed the relevant color disciplines. The format provided an overview of each topic, described its application to computer graphics, and provided references to texts and other sources. Topics included: color perception, representation, reproduction, management, rendering, selection, and design. While the tutorial was intended to be comprehensive, greater weight was given to the scientific and technical aspects of color than the artistic. It was of value both to those seeking an introduction to color in computer graphics and to those knowledgeable in some aspects of color who wished to get a broader view of the field. 


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