“3D Geometric Compression” by Rossignac, Taubin, Deering, Gotsman and Hoppe

  • ©Jarek Rossignac, Gabriel Taubin, Michael F. Deering, Craig Gotsman, and Hugues Hoppe



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    3D Geometric Compression

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    To support Internet access to 3D models of complex virtual environments or assemblies for electronic shopping, collaborative CAD, multi-player video games, and scientific visualization, representations of 3D shapes must be compressed by several orders of magnitude.

    This course offered an analysis of storage costs for 3D shape representations and covered several recent schemes for lossy and loss-less compression of triangle meshes and more general polyhedra. In addition to single-resolution compression schemes for triangle meshes, which result in compressed formats of less than a byte per triangle, multiresolution progressive refinement approaches were discussed. Along with surface simplification or decimation methods, these approaches, which change the surface topology while approximating the geometry, can be regarded as lossy compression schemes.  


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