“3D Geometry Compression” by Taubin, Deering, Gotsman, Gumhold and Rossignac

  • ©Gabriel Taubin, Michael F. Deering, Craig Gotsman, Stefan Gumhold, and Jarek Rossignac



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    3D Geometry Compression

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    Some familiarity with basic concepts of meshes and standard representations of polygonal models. 

    Representation of polygonal models, single-resolution geometry compression schemes, progressive transmission of multi-resolution models, hierarchical geometry compression schemes, prediction schemes based on spectral methods, motion compression, compression of animated models, compression of tetrahedral meshes, hardware-oriented geometry compression, geometry compression in Java3D, geometry compression in MPEG-4.

    Polyhedral models, which are used in most graphics applications, require considerable amounts of storage, even when they only approximate precise shapes with limited accuracy. This course analyzed storage costs for 3D shape representations and covered several recent schemes for lossy and loss-less compression of triangle, polygonal, and tetrahedral meshes. It reviewed both single-resolution compression schemes for triangle and polygonal meshes, which result in compressed formats of less than a byte per triangle, and multi-resolution progressive-refinement approaches. 


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