Margaret Watson: Liquid Meditation

  • ©1997, Margaret Watson

  • ©1997, Margaret Watson




    Liquid Meditation


Creation Year:



    CAVE Virtual Reality Installation


    10 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet


Artist Statement:

    Within Liquid Meditation, an immersant encounters abstract water reflections in a unique architecture that expresses a narrative philosophy. As the immersant journeys through the structure, meditative experiences within the reflections foretell the upcoming revelation. Conclusion of the narrative is based on individual navigational choices within the virtual experience.

    As a philosophical narrative, this virtual experience is representative of growth in life. Various elements in the narrative structure express a scenario symbolic of attaining awareness. In virtual reality, abstract concepts can be visualized and reality can be re-experienced from a first-hand perspective. Through experience with these concepts in a virtual world, immersants could potentially achieve renewed awareness of their existence in reality.

Other Information:

    Art Concept and Realization
    Margaret Watson

    Sound Design and Musical Composition
    Eric Butkus

    Graphics and Audio Implementation
    Margaret Watson

    Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Ars Electronica Research & Residence Program

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