“Dragon Gate” by University of Otago

  • ©Geoff Wyvill  University of Otago



    Dragon Gate


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • University of Otago


    Dragon Gate is based on a Chinese folk tale. Versions also exist in other Asian countries. Dragons are not born like other crea-tures. They are created from carp who leap the magic waterfall at Dragon Gate. The journey from the home of the carp to Dragon Gate Island is long and dangerous. Each year, the biggest and strongest fish form a convoy and prepare to leave the river. Only rarely will a carp succeed, and the race is not always to the swift. This movie was created over five summer vacations by students at the University of Otago using locally produced software.

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Geoff Wyvill

    Animators: Melanie Abercrombie, Peter Ashford, Garry Downes, Jason Elder,
    Jeremy Graveson, Jayson Mackie, Tracy Mason, Hayden Munro,
    Kylie Robinson, George Sealy, David Stevens, Stephanie St. John, Joseph White

    Music: Anthony Ritchie

Animation / Video Overview: