“Explosion Potion” by School of Visual Arts

  • ©Yin-Fang Liao



    Explosion Potion


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • School of Visual Arts


    This graduate thesis animation is a story about a baby witch who envies the skills of the grand witch. She follows the recipe for a flying potion and pours the potion onto the broom, but she keeps falling instead of flying. Finally, she takes off fast and can barely control her flying. Unfortunately, the broom is really so powerful that it explodes like a bomb in the silent night. When she wakes up, she finds she has landed on an airplane, where she is flying and happy again.


    SGI O2, Power Macintosh


    Softimage, Alias, Photoshop, Composer, and After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Yin-Fang Liao