Francine Bonair: Spirits Reborn

  • ©1994, Francine Bonair



    Spirits Reborn


Creation Year:



    Fine Art Iris Print on Watercolor Paper


    10 inches x 8 inches


Artist Statement:

    The spiritual strength of women is thematic. Divine feminine feeling is elicited through subject, style, and essence. Enhanced by an authentic combination of line, movement, color, and texture, the visual story evokes tradition through technology, creating an impression of watercolors. Visions project a narrative of relationships that spring from the artist’s life, luminously expressing the raw emotion of the subconscious mind. Ideas are born, transform, and are reborn as the digital art medium magically fuels the artist’s inner spirit, riding a higher power. Pleasure is derived from the active process whereby the mystery is revealed only when the final image is completed.

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