“Pola X” by Arena Films

  • ©Leos Carax  Arena Films



    Pola X


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Arena Films


    Two characters are swept away by a river of blood that flows up a canyon. The talent was filmed with a locked-down camera and integrated into a full CGI landscape.

    The River: Proprietary software assembled flat sections of the river, which was animated in CGI and molded to the form of the river bed.

    The Canyon: Proprietary software assembled each frame of a full CGI animatic into one single image. This image served as a model for the matte painting, which was decomposed into layers according to the depth of the elements (a huge anamorphic panorama) and placed in the CGI environment. Each layer has its own animation.




    Arete, Softimage, Explore, Dynamation, Photoshop, Painter, Illusion, and proprietary software

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Leos Carax

    Producer: Bruno Pesery, Arena Films

    Talent: Catherine Deneuve, Guillaume Depardieu, Katherina Golubeva, Marc Bellan, Pierre Biecher

Animation / Video Overview: