“Plug” by Plugworks Films

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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Plugworks Films


    Plug is a short film about a futuristic society in which people live their entire lives plugged into electronic dream machines. Those who are accidentally thrust into the real world must choose between the artificial comforts of their electronic dreamlands and the difficulties and rewards of facing reality. The film is a computer animation/live-action hybrid in which live actors were filmed in front of blue screen. Every frame was digitally scanned and modified to transform the human actors into stylized cartoon characters. The modified images were then composited with computer-animated backgrounds and props, digitally compressed into an anamorphic 2.35 aspect ratio, and recorded back to 35mm film.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Meher Gourjian

    Producer: Jamie Waese

    Collaborators: Randy Thom, Peter Rubissow, Michael Wiedeman, Patrick Grandaw, Vanessa Newell

Animation / Video Overview: