“Polar Bear Swim” by Rhythm & Hues Studios

  • ©Bill Kroyer  Rhythm & Hues Studios


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    Polar Bear Swim


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Rhythm & Hues Studios


    This is the seventh spot in the internationally popular Coca-Cola campaign. In Swim, a baby polar bear on one iceberg looks longingly at his mother and sibling standing on another iceberg. The baby bear is afraid to jump in the water and swim across to his family. Finally, his mom pops open a bottle of Coca-Cola and, hearing that refreshing carbonated fizz, the baby dives in and swims underwater to his mom and sibling.

    This completely computer-generated 30-second spot had a production staff of 17 people and a production schedule of 10 weeks. Designs were done in house at Rhythm & Hues, models were digitized into the computers, and after the models were built, the animators and lighters worked their magic. Swim was produced with proprietary Rhythm & Hues software on SGI Octanes.


    SGI Octanes


    proprietary Rhythm & Hues software

Additional Contributors:

    Animation Director: Bill Kroyer

    Producer: Bert Terreri

    Lighting Director: Debbie Pashkoff

    Head Technical Director: Georgia Cano

    Lighters: Karl Herbst, Mike Sandrick

Animation / Video Overview: