“Spatial Frames” by Pixar Animation Studios

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    Spatial Frames

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  • Pixar Animation Studios


    Spatial Frames reveals the mechanics of a character’s world and addresses the classic “evil demon” philosophical hypothe-sis and its specific application to characters in a computer graphics animation. The inner story simply follows a man wak-ing up and going out to walk his dog in a world that is being constructed on the fly by a series of machines. They finish assembling the hallway just as he steps into it and immediately begin dismantling his apartment. The entire set of machines is in turn on display in one room of a long hallway. Ultimately, the image plane of the animation is exposed and removed from view.

    Different rendering and compositing styles separate each layer. The piece was animated entirely in Softimage and rendered with GL. Image processing and compositing were done with Eddie.


    Softimage and GL

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