“Lighting and Shading Techniques for Interactive Applications” by Blythe, Grantham and Kilgard

  • ©David Blythe, Brad Grantham, and Mark J. Kilgard



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    Lighting and Shading Techniques for Interactive Applications

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    This course focused on the problem of improving lighting and shading in interactive applications running on mainstream graphics hardware. It strengthened understanding of both the theory of core computer graphics concepts and the practice of graphics programming techniques, through examples that increase image realism and create special effects. It also strengthened analytical skills: how to identify and evaluate multiple approaches to solving rendering problems, and how to analyze code examples that generate high-quality graphics images.

    Attendees gained insight into the implementation of modern graphics hardware, became more cognizant of the strengths and weaknesses of that hardware, understood the capabilities of OpenGL and other low-level graphics APIs, and learned how to use these APIs as tools to solve challenging rendering problems.  


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