“System Designs for Visualizing Large-Scale Scientific Data” by Ma, Cox, Parker and Schroeder

  • ©Kwan-Liu Ma, Michael Cox, Steven G. Parker, and William (Will) J. Schroeder



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    System Designs for Visualizing Large-Scale Scientific Data

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    This course explored the system issues involved in visualizing very large scientific datasets and highlights plausible approaches. It began with an overview of the problems of extremely large data sets in scientific visualization, followed by a review of current solutions and research directions with an emphasis on data management for interactive visualization design. Then it introduced a data-streaming design that has been implemented in the popular vtk system. Next, algorithms and ways of structuring rendering systems for performing either postprocessing or runtime visualization on massively parallel supercomputers were described. Finally, the course summarized the overall design of a computational steering system. 


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    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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