“Skydivers” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Jan De Bont






    For Coca Cola, and under the direction of feature director Jan De Bont, Digital Domain’s Lightwave group created a group of CG skydivers to form a distinctive bottle of Coke. Beginning with practical photography of four stuntpeople, Digital Domain’s NT group duplicated and then animated more than a hundred “virtual” skydivers for this award-winning spot.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jan De Bont

    Producer: Edge Creative

    VFX Supervisor: Ray Giarratana

    VFX Producer: Todd Isroelit

    VFX Coordinator: Koery J. Cauchon

    CG Supervisor: Eric Barba

    Lead Digital Artist: Wayne England

    Digital Artists: David McLean, Doug Wolf, Dennis Price, Doug Sayre, Hudson Shock, Dave Bleich

    Compositor: David Stern