“Silent Hill” by Konami Computer Entertainment

  • ©Takayoshi Sato  Konami Computer Entertainment



    Silent Hill


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Konami Computer Entertainment


    These are the opening movie-style computer graphics from a PlayStation adventure game. The story: Harry and his daughter were involved in a car accident while on vacation. When Harry comes to, he finds his daughter missing, and the game contin-ues as he searches for her. The location of this adventure is a mysterious town called Silent Hill.

    The opening sequence expresses the view of a father desperate-ly looking for his child and encountering many other characters in the game. The story builds on a wide range of emotions: loneliness, sorrow, preparation for death, and even kaleido-scopes of life.

    The basic materials were created with Softimage and Adobe Photoshop. Then the composition was realized with Avid’s Illusion and edited with Jaleo. The original version of this piece was awarded a prize at the 1998 Culture and Media Art Festival in Japan.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Takayoshi Sato

    Producer: Gozo Kitao

    Collaborators: Akira Yamaoka, Kenichiro Imaizumi

Animation / Video Overview: