Kent Watsen

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  • Naval Postgraduate School, Computer Specialist


  • SIGGRAPH 1999

    Kent Watsen is pursuing a Ph.D. under Professor Mike Zyda while acting as project manager of the NPSNET Research Group in the Computer Science department at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. He is the architect and developer of Bamboo, a free, multi-platform, dynamically- extensible virtual environment toolkit. Bamboo was first presented at 1998 IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium (VRAIS ’98) and has since been adopted by several groups worldwide including the National Tele-Immersion Initiative. His relevant experience includes the design and development of the character animation and 3D ocean modules for EasyScene, another virtual environment toolkit that he developed while working with Coryphaeus Software. He also developed Visual World, the rendering engine for a DIS simulator, while with DCS Corporation. He is responsible for a raytracing-for-animation package developed as his undergraduate thesis. He holds Computer Science and Applied Mathematics engineering degrees from the University of Virginia. Finally, Kent was co-video chair of the ’97 and ’98 VRML conferences.