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  • ©Michael Capps, Howard Abrams, Kent Watsen, Michael J. Zyda, David C. Anderson, Chris Greenhalgh, Katherine L. Morse, and Sandeep Singhal



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    Developing Shared Virtual Environments

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    The emphasis of this course was on the practical issues related to designing and implementing shared virtual environment (VE) applications. The morning “design” session began with an introduction to the history of shared VE development and the evolution path to today’s architectures. Because designing a shared virtual reality application requires a series of choices that have important effects upon performance and function, the course investigated issues in software architectures, awareness management techniques, graphics APIs, object sharing, and object interoperability. The afternoon “implementation” session taught attendees how to build shared VE applications quickly and easily, by leveraging development with pre-existing toolkits. Several popular packages were reviewed in detail from the point of view of the application builder. The designers of those toolkits provided in-depth tutorials on using their systems for maximum benefit.

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