“Frankenskippy” by MTV

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    Frankenskippy is the third animation in a series of three 30-second spots for MTV. The series Tall Small Stories aims to immediately capture the attention of the Australian MTV target audience (age 14 to 34). The computer-generated “freak” characters, bizarre landscapes, attention to detail, and uniqely Australian twist keep ’em bug eyed and wanting more.

    In Frankenskippy, Frankenstein’s monster is born again on the body of a kangaroo road-kill. Frankenskippy hops onto his stage (grave) like a zombie jack-in-the-box. He dances a death dance like a broken-boned mime, performs his self-sacrificial, martyr-magician’s tricks, rips his heart out, whips us into submission with his broken tail, and cuts through our ego barriers with his sacred chainsaw.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Linda Lum

    Compositor: Cathy Nelson

    Sound Design: Dennis Carnahan

    Special thanks to Ian Johnston, Tina Williams and the crew at Conja

    Thanks to James Greville and Jo Bossi (MTV), Dennis Carnahan, Linda Lum, James “Creature” Hughes, Chris “Tweety” Leaver, Cathy “Queenie” Nelson, Andrew Lyons, Dharmanidhi Acarya, Sifu Rick Spain, Ivar Hafskjold, Ma and Pa and family and friends, and last but not least: Frankenstein and Skippy, for putting up with the tricky surgical procedures.

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