“freedom” by Technonet Co.

  • ©Minory  Technonet Co.





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Technonet Co.


    The late Emperor is concerned about the young reigning Emperor, and the day has come for him to come back and destroy the castle and free his young successor. This work inter-prets the director’s perception of contemporary Japan: lack of creativity, an inability to establish oneself, and a surplus of pre-designed assumptions. Everything and everyone are converted to a flood of information and materialization.

    “Behind the scenes, I attempt to express the image of Tokyo, where modern buildings are placed next to historical architec-ture. To me, it looks like a melting pot that has every cultural aspect of the world, and conveys the feeling that the tiny but lovely island of Japan is continuously polluted.”


    PowerMac, DeskStation/Raptor, Reflex


    Adobe Photoshop 5.0, New Tek, LightWave 3D5.5, DPS/Digital Fusion2.0

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Minory

    Producer: Higashi

    Contributors: Tuneo Sakai

    Composer: Kakuzo Urao

    Sound Effects: Domon, Yanagida/Mc2


Animation / Video Overview: