“To Build a Better Mousetrap” by Digital Filmworks

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    To Build a Better Mousetrap

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  • Digital Filmworks


    The mousetrap of tomorrow is here today! The Merchant of Death 2000 doesn’t just trap mice. It seeks out and destroys them! A technological leap forward in both artificial intelli-gence and household appliances, the MOD2000 makes all other forms of pest control obsolete. Be the first to brag that you own a Merchant of Death! Another miracle of science from Blackmire Industries.

    To Build a Better Mousetrap was produced in the offices of Digital Filmworks in Hollywood.


    It was edited on an Avid and shot on 35mm film with Digital Filmworks’ LUX Laser Recorder.


    The cartoon was modeled, animated, and rendered with PowerAnimator 8.5, using an SGI Indigo 2, Octane, and Onyx.

Additional Contributors:

    Collaborator: Edward Quirk