“Introduction to Computer Graphics” by Bailey, Glassner, Lathrop and Wenner

  • ©Andrew Glassner, Olin Lathrop, and Patricia A. Wenner



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    Introduction to Computer Graphics



    The SIGGRAPH conference is an exciting event, but it is often an intimidating experience for first-time attendees. There are so many new terms, new concepts, and new products to try to understand. This course was designed to ease newcomers into the SIGGRAPH conference experience by presenting the fundamental ideas and vocabulary at a level that can be readily understood. Far from dry facts, this course also portrayed the fun and excitement that led most of us here in the first place. It prepared attendees to understand, appreciate, enjoy, and learn from the rest of the SIGGRAPH 99 programs and events.

    The course was a full day of lecture-style presentations with slides, videotapes, and online demos that illustrate concepts (for example, “here is an image with and without perspective”) and applications (for example, “here is the use of perspective in a visualization application and why you have to be careful when using it”). The source code for live demos are available on CD-ROM and the Web.  


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