“Softy Puffs: Paper Chase” by Windlight Studios

  • ©Shannon Gilley



    Softy Puffs: Paper Chase


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Windlight Studios


    In this parody of toilet-paper advertising, a walking bottom is pursued by a low-grade roll of paper but is saved in the nick of time by a cushy, heroic toilet paper counterpart.


    The spot was produced in Maya, PowerAnimator, Composer, StudioPaint and Photoshop.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Shannon Gilley

    Producer: Amy Sanders

    Supervising Producers: Terry Friedlander and Kelly McManus

    Creative Director: Don Bajus

    Lead Technical Director: Matthew Durante

    Lead Animator: Brian Newlin

    Lead Modeler: Evan Olson

    Technical Directors: Christopher Ebbert and David Novak

    Animators/Modelers: Alison Morse, Joan Staveley, and Jennifer Stephenson