“Trophomotion” by Kleiser-Walczak

  • ©Jeff Kleiser and Diana Walczak  Kleiser-Walczak





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  • Kleiser-Walczak


    Choreographing the impossible…

    Two reflective gold basketball trophies come to life and play a game of one-on-one in a commercial commissioned by White Rhino Productions for STARDOX high-performance braces and supports.

    Kleiser-Walczak’s Trophomotion team pre-visualized the entire spot using motion capture and a virtual set. During the table-top shoot, the previsualization and motion capture was rough composited over the live video feed to ensure the accuracy of the backplates. Keyframe character animation was used to breathe life into the trophies’ performances.

    The artists at Kleiser-Walczak have been design partners in development of Alias|Wavefront’s Maya software package. The Trophomotion characters were modeled in Artisan, a compo-nent of Maya that allows artists to sculpt forms intuitively, using tools similar to those used by traditional sculptors. Maya was also used for 3D modeling of CG environments, animation, and lighting. A new scripting language called MEL or Maya Embedded Language was used to blend keyframe animation with performance-capture data. Compositing was executed with Maya Composer. The Alias|Wavefront software was used on SGI Octane and O2 workstations. Final rendering utilized the Kleiser-Walczak render farm, composed of multiple SGI Origin 2000 servers.


    SGI Octane and O2 workstations, multiple SGI Origin 2000 servers


    Maya Composer, Alias|Wavefront

Additional Contributors:

    Kleiser-Walczak Crew:

    Co-Directors: Jeff Kleiser, Diana Walczak

    Executive Producer: Wendy Gipp

    Line Producer Live Action: Sue Tiezzi

    Line Producer CG: Patrick Mooney

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Frank Vitz

    Art Director: Kent Mikalsen

    Production Manager: Tom Hendrickson

    Production Coordinator: Molly Windover

    Animation Supervisor: Jeff Lew

    Lighting Supervisors: Scott Palleiko, Jerry Brown

    CG Supervisor: Derald Hunt

    Technical Supervisor: Daniel Roizman

    Animators: Michael Clausen, Wayn Goodman, Chris Swing

    Compositor: Ray Haleblian

    Motion Capture Specialist: Dean Wormell

    Director of Photography: Buddy Squires

    Gaffer: Ned Halleck

    Camera Assistant: Mark Hirshfeld

    White Rhino Team:

    Creative Director/Producer: Dan Greenwald

    Co-Producer: Tom Ryder

    Copywriters: Jim Call, Peter Pappas

    Music: Sound Techniques, Inc.

    Voice Over: John Laurenti

    Tru-Fit Team:

    President: Louis Caprio

    Marketing Director: Al Petrilli

    Worldwide Marketing Director: Andy Childs

Animation / Video Overview: