“Stuart Little” by Sony Pictures Imageworks

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    Stuart Little


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  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    Stuart Little, based on the classic story by E.B. White, represents one of the most ambitious challenges to date in photo-real, 3D, performance-based digital character creation. Fully vested with a personality, digital wardrobe and fur, lan-guage, and the subtlety of expression, Stuart stars with live-action actors Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, and Jonathan Lipnicki in over 400 shots (one sequence was selected for submission to SIGGRAPH 99). Michael J. Fox is the voice of Stuart Little. Rob Minkoff (Lion King) is the director.

    In addition to creation of the lifelike character and his performance, with its wide range of movement and emotion, the challenge for the Sony Pictures Imageworks team was to integrate Stuart into the live action, placing the completely digital star next to live actors and cats (with real cloth, real hair, real fur, and other genuine textures and lighting character-istics) throughout every frame. This sequence also features digital examples of dry, wet, and partially wet fur and cloth, water, and lighting. Stuart Little is scheduled for theatrical release in December 1999.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Rob Minkoff

    Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor: John Dykstra

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Jerome Chen

    Animation Director: Henry F. Anderson III

    Sr. Visual Effects Producer: Michelle Murdocca

    Visual Effects Producer: Lydia Bottegoni

    Associate Producer, DCG: Audrea Topps-Harjo

    Digital Production Manager: Jody Echegaray

    CG Supervisors: Jim Berney, Bart Giovanneti, Jay Redd, Scott Stokdyk, John, McLaughlin

    Visual Effects Artists: Maura Alvarez, Bill Ball, Kiki Candela, Daniel Eaton, Dave Lawson, Scott McKee, Kerry Nordquist, Aaron Smith, Dave Smith, Jason Dowdeswell, David Allen, Didier Levy, Mike Travers, Robert Peitzman, Doug Yoshida, Jeff Wolverton, Layne Friedman, Rob Bredow, Rob House, Tim Llewellyn, Rob Engle

    Digital Character Animators: Dave Mullins, Kelvin Lee, Anthony LaMolinara, Pepe Valencia, Dominick Cecere, Dave Vallone, Eric Armstrong, Delio Tramontozzi, Bill Diaz, Kevin Hudson

    Software Engineers: Armin Bruderlin, Bruce Navsky

    Editorial: J. W. Kompare

Animation / Video Overview: