“Passages” by Independent Artist

  • ©John S. Banks  Independent Artist


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  • Independent Artist


    The vision of Passages is fulfilled through the looping nature of the journey: a cycle of emerging and shifting locations and energies. On this journey we pass through different states of energy and experience a series of peak moments that are visu-alized by imbuing woodland scenes with perpetual and organic changes. The way each scene develops and progresses is guided by the potential transformative qualities of the natural phenomenon inherent in that scene. These interpretations of nature’s consciousness emerging and shifting in character were inspired by experiences of landscape as sensed internally and spiritually.

    The source scenes were constructed from multiple photographs and video footage. Moving luminance mattes of fluid and natural processes of wind, water, fire, and light were created by a combination of computer particle effects and natural footage. These mattes govern the changes between scenes by individually emerging through the multiple layers of the sources. In this way, each moment contains aspects of the past and future elements.

    The flow of the story is based on the rythmn of human breath. The narrative unfolds in a familiar, transparent pattern, using rhythm as a mediator between various natural states.

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    Music: Fritz Heede

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