“Case Study: Scanning Michelangelo’s Florentine Pietá” by Rushmeier, Bernardini and Mittleman

  • ©Holly E. Rushmeier, Fausto Bernardini, and Joshua Mittleman



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    Case Study: Scanning Michelangelo's Florentine Pietá

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    As part of a scholarly study, art historian Jack Wasserman has been working with IBM researchers to create a digital model of Michelangelo’s Florentine Pietá. The project has encountered many practical problems related to the size and topology of the work, time and budget constraints, and restricted access. While the researchers have published, and will continue to publish, papers on specific new methods developed in the course of solving various problems, a typical technical paper or presentation does not allow for discussion of many important practical issues. This tutorial was designed for practitioners who are interested in acquiring digital models for computer graphics applications, end users who are interested in understanding what quality can be expected from acquired models, and researchers who are looking for research opportunities in the “gaps” in current acquisition methods. 


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    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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