“What Dreams May Come: The Painted World Sequence” by Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Inc.

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    What Dreams May Come: The Painted World Sequence

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Inc.


    For What Dreams May Come, 8.5 minutes of live-action photography were transformed into moving imagery in the style of 19th-century painters such as Casper David Friedrich and Claude Monet. Through unique, proprietary machine-vision-analysis software; 3D reconstruction techniques; existing computer graphic technologies, and digital compositing packages, new and traditional techniques were combined into a hybrid technology. The photograpy was digitally deconstructed to create new spatial, temporal, textural, and chromatic relationships that blend 19th-century painting with 21st-century technology.

Additional Contributors:

    Production Companies: Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Inc., Interscope Communications, Metafilmics

    Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor: Ellen M. Somers

    Painted World Visual Effects Line Producer: Donna Langston

    Visual Effects Superviors: Joel Hynek, Nicholas Brooks

    Software Creator: Pierre Jasmin

    Art Director: Joshua Rosen

    3D Supervisor: Mike Schmidtt, Giant Killer Robots

    Software Co-Creator: Peter Litwinowicz

    CG Supervisors: Karen Ansel, Mobility, Inc., Scott Gordon, Shadowcaster
    Peter G. Travers, Shadowcaster

    Visual Effects Production Manager: Mimi Medel

    Lead Compositors: John P. Nugent, Barney “XX” Robson, J.D. Cowles, Tim Crosbie, D-Film

    Paint Animators: Edward Davis, Lunarfish, Marc Toscano, Talmage Watson

    3D Techical Directors: Peter Oberdorfer, Giant Killer Robots John Volny, Mobility, Inc., Gerard Benjamin Pierre, John Vegher, Giant Killer Robots

    Compositors: Daniel P. Rosen, Michael Ffish Hemschoot, Chris Ciampa, Mark Nettleton, John Cornejo, Grady Campbell, Amanda Evans, Alan Boucek

    Animators: John Jakubowski, Grant Neisner, Claire Pegorier, Nick Phillips, Lunarfish, Sarma Banjuri, Dan Klem

    Matte Painters: Tim Clark, Pulse Imaging, Caroline “Jett” Green

    Art Department Design Assistant: Morgan Thomas

    Concept Artist: Richard Kriegler

    2D Prep: Hillary Johnson, Ingrid Overgard, Jarmilla Sefloya

    Project Manager Research/Development: Kim Libreri

    Software Research/Development: George Borshukov, Dan Piponi, Jeremy Yarbrow, Rudy Poots, Wayne Lytle, Tom Brigham, Ariane Veronneau, Robert Minsk, Shadowcaster, Jules Blumenthal, Chek Lim

    Systems Manager: Steve Ginsberg

    Systems Administration: Andrew Perkins, James Brown

    Visual Effects Plate Producer: Jennifer Thomas

    Location Reality Capture Supervisor: John Gaeta

    Telemetry and Survey Lead: David Harvey

    Telemetry and Survey Assistant: Tony Whalen

    Laser Scanner Operators: Francois Herbin, Catco, Emily Pensak, Catco

    Visual Effects Editors: Roy Berkowitz, Anthony Mark Vivirito

    Film Recorder Operator: Greg Shimp

    Production Office Coordinator: Jennifer Hannigan

    Production Assistant: Romulo Adriano, Jr.

    Tape Operators: Phillip Reed, Deborah Thomas, Todd Gill

    Additional Tracking and Roto provided by Radium.

    Additional Matte Paintings by Syd Dutton, Bill Taylor, A.S.C., Illusion Arts Inc.

Animation / Video Overview: