“Koktoo Gaksi” by The Korean National University of Arts

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    Koktoo Gaksi

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  • The Korean National University of Arts


    This work is a digital translation of the only remaining Korean traditional marionette performance: “Koktoo Gaksi,” an inter-active play filled with emotion and spirit.

    The unique form of the play is based on traditional Korean philosophy. The line between the audience and the actors is meaningless, and the audience can become the actors at a certain point. In the end, everyone on and off the stage becomes part of the play.

    This approach to drama can seem rather confusing, but as the play progresses, freedom and order appear, and everything harmonizes. This is expressed through the many monitors on the digital stage, which scatter in every direction, showing splendid visual images that stand for ultimate power within the presence of balance and imbalance.


    Power Mac 8500, Indigo, Onyx, Digital Betacam recorder, Cannon AE-1 camera


    Photoshop, Soundeditor, Protools, Softimage, Flame

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