“Simulating Nature: From Theory to Application” by Ebert, Foster, Musgrave, Prusinkiewicz, Tessendorf, et al. …

  • ©David S. Ebert, Nick Foster, F. Kenton Musgrave, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Jerry Tessendorf, and Sophie Vincelette



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    Simulating Nature: From Theory to Application

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    This course imparted a working knowledge of several techniques for simulating natural phenomena. It covered practical aspects, as well as research issues. The presenters provided both a research and production perspective on the difficult task of photo-realistic modeling, rendering, and animation of natural phenomena. Topics included: physics-based approaches for modeling and animating water, waves, and oceanscapes; practical application of fluid dynamics for water and gas animation; procedural and physics-based approaches for modeling smoke and steam; procedural volumetric techniques for modeling and animating clouds; grammar-based techniques for modeling plants and plant ecosystems; practical aspects of modeling and rendering rich organic environments; and fractal techniques for simulating mountainous landscapes. The course also featured a concluding panel session in which the speakers discussed research directions, explored unsolved problems, and discussed new trends in simulating natural phenomena.    


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