“Breaking Objects” by Georgia Institute of Technology

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    Breaking Objects

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  • Georgia Institute of Technology


    This video demonstrates a simulation technique for animating breaking objects. By analyzing the stress tensors computed over a finite-element model, the simulation determines where cracks should initiate and in what directions they should propagate.The system dynamically re-meshes the models to accommodate these fractures. Varying the shape of the objects, the material proper-ties, and the initial conditions of the simulations, creates strikingly different effects, ranging from a wall that shatters when it is hit by a wrecking ball to a bowl that breaks in two when it is dropped on edge.

    For more details, please see the SIGGRAPH 99 Paper “Graphical Modeling and Animation of Brittle Fracture.”

Additional Contributors:

    James O’Brien: Georgia Institute of Technology, Wayne L. Wooten

    Pixar Animation Studios: Jessica K. Hodgins, Georgia Institute of Technology, Brad Y. Andalman, Pixar Animation Studios

    Special thanks to Larry Gritz, Pixar Animation Studios

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