“Bunny” by Blue Sky Studios

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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blue Sky Studios


    Baking alone in her kitchen, tattered old Bunny receives a troublesome late-night visitor from the deepest woods – or deeper. A hairy moth, as battered as Bunny is, seems to be stalking her, and her attempts to remove it only make it more insistent. What is it about this nocturnal pest that stirs her deepest fears and memories? To find out, she must go through an emotional metamorphosis that sheds a whole new light on this quirky but heart-warming tale.


    The rendering was done on a Compaq Computer Corporation AlphaServer RenderPlex sys-tem on 14 machines that had a total of 164 processors.


    The film was animated and modeled using Softimage. The set and objects in Bunny’s house were created using CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry). Adobe Photoshop and Amazon were used for texture painting.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer and Director: Chris Wedge

    Producer: Nina Rappaport

    Music: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan

    Digital Effects Supervisors: Dave Walvoord, Hilmar Koch,

    Editor: Tim Nordquist

    Lead Animators: Doug Dooley, Nina Bafaro

    Animators: Jim Bresnahan, Dean Lennert, Raquel Coelho, Carlos Saldanhna, Rhett Collier, Jessee Sugarman, Ed Gavin, Steve Talkowski, Jeff Joe, Aimee Whiting, Justin Leach, Dan Whiting

    Lighting Lead: Mitch Kopelman

    Technical Directors: Andrew Beddini, Mike Eringis, Tom Bisogno, Dave Esneault, Chris Burrows, Sing-Choong Foo, Danielle Cambridge, Kristi Hansen, Jaime Castanada, Jesse Hollander, Rob Cavaleri, Andre Mazzone, Scott Clifford, Lutz Muller, Rhett Collier, Tim Speltz, John Donkin, Kevin Thomason, Jodi Whitsel

    Production Coordinator: Irka B. Seng

    Modelers: Cliff Bohm, Alex Levenson, Rachael Cohen, David Mei, Rhett Collier, Carlos Saldanha, Shaun Cusick, Kevin Thomason, Mike DeFeo, Chris Wedge,
    Doug Dooley, Aimee Whiting, John Kahrs, Danny Williams, Justin Leach, Jodi Whitsel

    Digital Paint Artists: Andrew Beddini, David Mei, John Siczewicz

    Technical Assistants: Chris Burrows, Tim Speltz

    Production Executive: David Brown

    Production Manager: Laney Gradus

    Production Accountant: Anthony Nisi

    Production Assistant: Billy Foster

    Blue Sky Research and Development: Richard Hadsell, Eugene Troubetzkoy, Carl Ludwig, Maurice Van Swaaij, Trevor Thomson, John Turner

    Blue Sky Software Tools: Joe Higham, Sam Richards, Andre Mazzone, Chris Trimble

    Systems Support: Dan Weeks, Leon Xiao

    Special thanks to the following groups at Compaq: High Performance Servers Division – AlphaServers, Media and Entertainment Industry Group, Digital Unix Group for technical support and assistance, Enterprise Systems Lab for systems test support

    Extra special thanks to Steve Briggs for making this film possible.

    Music Producers: Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan

    Music Arranger: Francis Thumm

    Sound Engineer: Jacquire King

    Musicians: Andrew Borger, Trevor Dunn, Matt Brubeck, Joe Gore, Ralph Carney, Carla Kihlstedi, Nik Phelps

    2nd Engineer: Jeff Sloan

    Foley Artist: Ginger Geary

    Audio Recordings and Mixing: Kessler Media Productions, Ltd.

    Sound Designer: Robert Kessler

    Sound Engineer: Scott Cresswell

    Sound Engineering and Mixing Engineer: Paul Goodrich

    Sound Transfer: Sound One

    Dolby Sound Consultant: Eric A. Christoffersen

    Film Recording: Pacific Ocean Post, special thanks to Pat Repola

    Negative Cutter: Noelle Penraat

    Color Timer: Fred Heid

    Color by Technicolor

    A production of Blue Sky Studios, Inc.

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