“M.C. Leon” by IMPROV Technologies, Inc.

  • ©Mitch Butler  IMPROV Technologies, Inc.



    M.C. Leon


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • IMPROV Technologies, Inc.


    Leon Gerald, the SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Theater MC, is animated in real time, with Improv Technologies software, so that he can respond to the audience. He appears four times throughout the show. During the the pre-show, he struggles with the malfunctioning teleprompter and prompts the audience to respond to him. Then, still struggling with the teleprompter, Leon introduces the show. Next, he appears in a mid-show backstage interview with another animated character, where he can only talk about himself. And finally at the end of the show, Leon is overwhelmed with rejection as the audience leaves the theatre.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Brian Blau

    Writer/Director: Mitch Butler

    Producer: Athomas Goldberg

    Writer: Leo Hourvitz

    Technical Director: Dan Moss

    Animators: Monte Cristo, Greg Frank, Dan Kanemoto, Austin Lee

Animation / Video Overview: