“Fiat Lux” by University of California, Berkeley

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    Fiat Lux

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • University of California, Berkeley


    Inspired by Galileo’s scientific accomplishments and his eventual conflict with the church, this piece employs image-based modeling, rendering, and lighting as well as global illumination and dynamic simulation to dramatize this conflict with abstract forms in real scenes.

    High-dynamic-range photography was used to capture the illumination in several locations in Italy, including St. Peter’s Basilica. As necessary, geometry was reconstructed through photogrammetry. All lighting was simulated using the actual illumination recorded at each location in order to faithfully model the photometric interaction of the environments and the computer-generated elements with image-based lighting.

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Paul Debevec

    Collaborators: Tim Hawkins, Westley Sarokin, Haarm-Pieter Duiker, Tal Garfinkel, Christine Cheng, Jenny Huang, Paul Debevec

Animation / Video Overview: