“Fight Club” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Kevin Mack



    Fight Club



    Under the visual effects supervision of Academy Award-winner, Kevin Mack (What Dreams May Come), producer Eileen Moran, CG supervisor Mathew Butler, CG artists David Prescott and Judith Crow, and compositing supervisor Carey Villegas, Digital Domain created a virtual “fly-through” of a digital brain for the opening shots of David Fincher’s new film, Fight Club.

    Beginning at a scale of 100 nanometers as the camera pulls out of the synaptic cleft, and ending at full-scale after exiting the cranium, the “virtual camera” traverses a course covering 2,267 frames of 35mm film in one continuous 95-second shot accomplished, in part, using an L-Systems operator in Houdini to grow axons and dendrites found in the human neural system.

Animation / Video Overview: