“Evolution in the First Person” by Oyzon Animation

  • ©Elouise Oyzon



    Evolution in the First Person


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Oyzon Animation


    This thesis computer animation about the animator’s first preg-nancy and delivery is a personal journey from the concept to the concrete, from inside the mind to outside the body, and from a mere notion to a baby.

    The animation was primarily created frame by frame with Metacreation’s Painter and a WACOM tablet. It also includes some Photoshop work and some rudimentary motion modeling in Infini-D and Director. Sounds were created with toys and the baby’s heartbeat while he was still in utero.


    WACOM tablet


    Metacreation’s Painter, Photoshop, rudimentary motion modeling in Infini-D and Director

Additional Contributors:

    Sound/Music: Zak Margolis, John Oyzon