“Rayman – No Parking” by Ubi Soft Entertainment

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    Rayman - No Parking


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  • Ubi Soft Entertainment


    Rayman can always count on his gang of friends – and a good thing, too, because for fugitives from the vile Rigatoni Circus, there is strength in numbers!
    Rayman, Betina, Cookie, Flips, and Lacmac are a merry and amusing bunch when they arrive in Aeropolis and find refuge in a pleasant apartment building. But it’s not long before they discover that their next-door neighbor is none other than Sergeant Grub, the officer assigned to capture them.

    The five fugitives must learn to get along and avoid Rigatoni’s evil plans as they explore the vast city in which they now live. Luckily, they can count on Rayman’s quick thinking and special powers to help them muddle through their problems and adventures.

    Rayman is the wildly popular international hero of a whole series of video and computer games. This episode is the pilot for the Rayman TV series, which is scheduled to begin in autumn 2000. Production is shared among crews in Paris, Los Angeles, and Montreal. The animation and images are entirely produced on PC-based systems using commercial (3D Studio Max) and in-house software.




    3D Studio Max and in-house software.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Laurent Jennet

    Producer: Francois Petavy

    Executive Producers: Vanessa Coffey, Jim Ballantine

    Production Supervisor: Marianne Souliez

Animation / Video Overview: