“Dodge Perfection” by R/Greenberg Associates

  • ©Terry Windell  R/Greenberg Associates



    Dodge Perfection


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • R/Greenberg Associates


    In a journey beyond words, the new Dodge Intrepid travels through worlds that could only be imagined and rendered with the newest of mindsets and technologies. The car itself is transformed through a series of eye-opening, if not mind-altering, states via the actual engineering CAD/CAM data and thousands of lines of proprietary software. Free your code and the mind will follow!

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Terry Windell

    Producer: Abbe Daniel

    Collaborators: Irene Kim, Rafael Castelblanco, Tom Wichitsripornkul, Clay Budin, Bob Hoffman

Animation / Video Overview: