“A real-time low-latency hardware light-field renderer” by Regan, Miller, Rubin and Kogelnik

  • ©Matthew J. P. Regan, Gavin S. P. Miller, Steven M. Rubin, and Chris Kogelnik




    A real-time low-latency hardware light-field renderer



    This paper describes the design and implementation of an architecture for interactively viewing static light fields with very low latency. The system was deliberately over engineered to specifications much tighter than expected necessary to eliminate perceptible latency. This allowed us to relax the specifications to the point at which human users began to detect latency artifacts. We found empirically that when interacting with a light field, human users began to notice latency artifacts when the total system latency is approximately 15 ms. Although the architecture may not be used in practice, this result should prove fundamental for designers of future interactive graphics systems.


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