“Why Cows Go Moon” by Ringling School of Art and Design

  • ©Andrew B. Welihozkiy  Ringling School of Art and Design


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    Why Cows Go Moon


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  • Ringling School of Art and Design


    For many years now, people have believed that when cows make noise they say “Moo.” However, this is just not so. Why would cows say “Moo?” It isn’t even a word! What cows really say is “Moo…n,” and the reason is quite simple. As everyone knows, cows have some weird obsession with trying to get to the moon. Some think they want to jump, but that’s ludicrous. Who can jump that high? Cows want to simply get to the moon. Of course, no one knows why. It’s just what they do. Since the dawn of time, in secret so we humans wouldn’t know, cows have been trying to get to the moon.

    Each chapter in this classically narrated CG animation for kids and spoof on the famous Mother Goose fairytale is depicted through stage props that enter and exit the screen.


    Alias|Wavefront Maya 1.5 was used for animation, lighting, and textures. Alias|Wavefront Composer 5.0 was used for post-production glows and compositing of foreground, middle-ground, background, and shadow layers. ZapIt 2.0 was used for SGI-to-video transfers.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Andrew B. Welihozkiy

    Producer: Ringling School of Art and Design

    Original Idea: Karl Holbert

    Narrator: Brian Edwards

Animation / Video Overview: