“An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL” by Shreiner, Angel and Woo

  • ©Dave Shreiner, Edward Angel, and Mason Woo



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    An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL

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    An overview of creating interactive graphics programs using the OpenGL API. In addition to showing source code examples and generated images, instructors used interactive tutorials to allow students to interact with the calls of the API and immediately see the results of their inputs. By combining a lecture with interactive formats, the course allowed students to develop a more intuitive feel for how the OpenGL API operates and how the calls are structured to make applications. These tutorial programs run on any computer that supports OpenGL. Using interactive tutorial programs, instructors demonstrated how OpenGL processes geometry and transformations, specifies material and lighting properties, computes fog, and maps textures to geometry.  


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    Mary Whitton


    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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