“The Mummy” by Industrial Light & Magic

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    The Mummy

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  • Industrial Light & Magic


    ILM’s computer graphics were essential in depicting the Mummy’s rotting corpse and his transformation to human. Extreme painted displacements added sculptural detail to a complex CG model. A proprietary simulation method was used to deform skin over muscles and bones to enhance the realism of the character’s motions. Match-animated prosthetics provided “virtual makeup,” allowing the artists to remove parts of the actor. In addition, particle systems, herd simulations, cloth simulations, and motion capture were all used to create the Mummy’s manifestations as sandstorms, plagues, and hordes of rotting Mummy warriors.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: John Andrew Berton Jr.

    Animation Supervisor: Daniel Jeanette

    Visual Effects Producer: Tom Kennedy

    Computer Graphics Supervisors: Ben Snow, Michael Bauer, Scott Frankel

    CG Animation Supervisor: Dennis Turner

    Digital Model Supervisor: James Doherty

    Digital Color Timing Supervisor: Kenneth Smith

    Visual Effects Art Director: Alex Laurant

    Associate Visual Effects Producer: Sandra Scott

    Lead Sequence Animator: Jenn Emberly

    Animators: Rudi Bloss, Alain Costa, Lesley Headrick, Greg Kyle, David Latour, Julija Learie, Aubry Mintz, Mark Powers, David Sidley, Sharonne Solk, Glenn Sylvester, Si Tran

    Computer Graphics Sequence Supervisors: Ed Kramer, David Horsley, Michael Ludlam

    Lead Compositor: Marshall Krasser

    Computer Graphics Artists: Joakim Arnesson, Todd Boyce, Patrick Brennan, Don Butler, Amelia Chenoweth, Kathleen Davidson, David Deuber, Gonzalo Escudero, Raul Essig, Indira Guerrieri, Richard Grandy, Jim Hagedorn, Jongwoo Heo, David Hisanaga, Greg Juby, Sam Kao, Louis Katz, Greg Killmaster,
    Erik Krumery, Toah-Vihn Le, Janice Lew, Keith McCabe, Bob Powell, Marc Scott, Matthew Wallin, R.D. Wegener

    Matte Painters: Ivo Horvat, Richard Rische, Mark Sullivan

    Visual Effects Coordinators: Margaret Lynch, Peter Nicolai

    Concept Artists: Kirk Henderson, Michael Jantze, Erik Rigling

    Creature Sculptors: Richard Miller, Daniel Wagner

    Digital Modelers: Edward Taylor IV, Omz Velasco

    Lead Viewpaint Artist: Catherine Craig

    Viewpaint Artists: Donna Beard, Derek Gillingham, Terry Molatore

    3D Camera Matchmove Supervisor: Terry Chostner

    Location Matchmove Artist: Marla Selhorn

    3D Matchmove Artists: Selwyn Eddy III, Wendy Hendrickson-Ellis, Randy Jonsson, Jodie Maier, Jeff Saltzman

    Lead Digital Paint Artist: Joanne Hafner

    Digital Paint and Roto Artists: Regan McGee, Sandy Ritts, Amy Shepard

    Motion Capture Supervisor: Jeff Light

    Motion Capture Engineers: Doug Griffin, Mike Sanders

    Visual Effects Editor: Tim Eaton

    Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Jennifer Gonzalez

    Visual Effects Production Assistants: Camille Eden, Stacey Shear

    Film Scanning Supervisor: Joshua Pines

    Film Scanning Operators: Randy Bean, George Gambetta

    Negative Cutter: Andrea Bilkian

    Negative Line-up: Tim Geiderman

    Projectionist: Tim Greenwood

    Digital Plate Restoration: Michele Spina, Maria Goodale

    Software Research and Development: John Anderson, Cary Phillips, Nicolas Popravka, Steve Sullivan

    Production Engineering Software: Philip Peterson, Ari Rapkin

    Computer Systems/Video Engineering: Dana Barks, Steve Besselman, Bill Hirsch

    Information Systems: Lam Van To

    Technical Assistants: Ryan Cook, Michelle Bean, Robert DeHaan, Michelle Motta, Bonnie Ricca

    Thebes and Hamunaptra Collapse Sequences

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Scott Farrar

    Visual Effects Director of Photography: Pat Sweeney

    Camera Assistant: Carl Miller

    Pyro Technician: Geoff Heron

    Gaffer: Michael Olague

    Model Supervisor: Barbara Affonso, Modelmakers Carol Bauman, Tom Proost, Kim Smith, Wendy Morton

    Plate Coordinator: Diane Franey

    Computer Graphics Staff: Stuart Lowder, Ken Maruyama, Ann McColgan

    ILM Senior Staff: Chrissie England, Gail Currey, Jim Morris, H.B. Siegel

Animation / Video Overview: