“Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus” by Oddworld Inhabitants

  • ©Lorne Lanning  Oddworld Inhabitants



    Oddworld: Abe's Exodus


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  • Oddworld Inhabitants


    The hard-working Glukkon entrepreneurs at SoulStorm Brewery have distilled the ultimate beverage: tasty, refreshing and 100-percent addictive. Better yet, the main ingredient of finely aged Mudokon bones is freely available in the ancient Mudokon burial grounds. Enter Abe, ex-slave and unlikely savior of the Mudokons. As Abe tries to stop the Glukkons from emptying the Mudokon graveyards, the SoulStorm Brew marketing campaign swings into high gear. All of Abe’s friends soon become addicted to the fresh, clean taste of SoulStorm Brew and to get more, must become lifetime employees of SoulStorm Brewery, where the only benefit is early retirement. Friendless and alone, Abe has to save the Mudokons from SoulStorm Brewery – and themselves – before it’s too late. All this and funny subtitles too!


    3D models, animation, and rendering were created using Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator. The piece was composited with Shake, and Buf tools were used for their realtime flipbook and display tools.

Additional Contributors:

    Creator/Director: Lorne Lanning

    Executive Producer: Sherry McKenna

Animation / Video Overview: