“Developing Efficient Graphics Software” by Cok, Commike, Kuehne and True

  • ©Keith Cok, Alan Commike, Bob Kuehne, and Thomas (Tom) True



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    Developing Efficient Graphics Software

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    There is a common misconception in computer culture: to make slow software work more quickly, all you have to do is acquire a bigger and faster computer. This is expensive and unworkable from many points of view. There are many ways to measure current software performance and optimize it to enhance graphics performance. This course attempted to meet the growing demand for information in this important area with a particular emphasis on practical software development. Topics included: interaction among CPUs, bus, memory, and graphics subsystems; general C and C++ language optimization techniques; analysis tools used to measure graphics and system performance and to detect bottlenecks; current algorithms and techniques for reducing the overhead and amount of graphics drawn; and a “laundry list” of optimization techniques on a variety of platforms.  


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