“Case #M1251” by Ringling School of Art and Design

  • ©Geof Pelaia



    Case #M1251


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Ringling School of Art and Design


    This piece depicts the drama of a murder scene from an omnipotent and analytical point of view. The strategic use of editing, lighting, rhythmic elements, camera movement, and cutting reinforces the concept and emotion of the piece.


    Modeling, animation, and lighting were done on Alias|Wavefront Maya 1.5. Post-production editing and special effects were done in Alias|Wavefront Composer and Adobe Premiere.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Geof Pelaia

    Producer: Ringling School of Art and Design

    Make-Up Effects: Mikkel Caiafa

    Photography: Tito Fuentes

    Autopsy Room Background: Jason Shulman