Mauro Annunziato: Chaos Revenge

  • ©1999, Mauro Annunziato

  • ©1999, Mauro Annunziato

  • ©1999, Mauro Annunziato

  • ©1999, Mauro Annunziato



    Chaos Revenge


Creation Year:



    Print 2D


    35cm x 103cm x .1cm


Artist Statement:

    Inspired by the emerging behavior of a population of individuals interacting, reproducing, and evolving in complex systems (self-organization), this work was created via an artificial life environment.

    Local dynamics are chaotic, but their evolution produces well-structured graphic patterns that evoke aspects of natural life, social interactions, and mind dynamics. Exploring this approach, the consciousness is revisited as the self-organization of many interacting chaotic fragments (filaments in the image). The evolutionary process is guided and selected by the artist so that the emerging graphic pattern is identified as a fragment of the artist’s consciousness. At that moment, local chaos takes its revenge, producing new shapes, new organizations, new consciousness, and, naturally, new chaos.

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